At Home at Penpont in Brecon, Wales

Imagine if your family owned a house and estate since 1666. It has survived many twists and turns, with colorful forefathers. One descendant gave birth to 4 sets of twins. A recent, rather spiteful, ancestor auctioned off most of the historic contents after a family spat. Not long after that sale, you find that you own the 2000 acre pile.  Whatever are you going to do with it!?!?  You don’t want to be the one to blow it……

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What You Missed at The Art Show

Early March in New York is dominated by large art events, with the Armory Show typically generating the most buzz. But I skipped it this year (OMG), and quietly enjoyed The Art Show instead. It was wonderful. The dealers were very chill and welcomed the opportunity to share why they loved their wares. As an added bonus, the entry fees for The Art Show went to charity—-a huge departure from the commercialism that dominates the Armory Show. Here are some gems that I spied at The Art Show that you should not miss.

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Taliesen West: How Frank Lloyd Wright Really Lived There

Recently, I visited Taliesen West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and architecture school in the desert outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. Our tour guide reveled in recounting the intimate details of Wright’s personal life in his winter retreat and I can’t wait to share them with you. Plenty is written elsewhere about his architectural theories. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

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Nové Město nad Metují: The Czech Chateau You Have Never Seen that Is a Design Lover’s Dream

From the outside, the chateau in the small Czech town of Nové Město nad Metují is your standard issue medieval pile. It was built in 1501 as a Gothic style fort and the façade shows it.

The approach is nice. To visit, you meander through a charming garden guarded by 22 dwarves and cross a covered bridge straight out of Grimms’ Fairy Tales.  But curb appeal is not the chateau’s strong point.

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