Recognized by Modern Menagerie Blog

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I have penned my column Design Dictionary since February 2013.  It made my day when I found out that Shelby Whitfield of Modern Menagerie Blog shared Decor Arts Now, and specifically Design Dictionary on her blog and Instagram, attesting to how much she has learned from it.  It is especially meaningful, because I have never met Shelby and do not know her personally at all.

Shelby writes in part,

A long time ago, I had the idea to create a “design dictionary” of sorts, almost a SparkNotes of decorative arts for design students.  But like many half-decent ideas, I discovered it had already been claimed! Have y’all ever heard of Lynn Byrne?  She writes famed design blog Decor Arts Now with such an impressive resume and extensive knowledge, that I decided to share her site, rather than even try to compete.  She’s a follower of mine on Instagram, and is absolutely lovely; I’ve learned so much from following her in return!

As you might imagine, my heart has been warm ever since.  It is so rewarding to discover that your words are appreciated by others.  You can read the rest of Shelby’s blog here, where she shares her favorite posts of mine.  To find all my Design Dictionary posts, click here.

Thank you so much Shelby!

Photo source unspecified on Pinterest.