New Design Products for the Artsy Interior at the Architectural Digest Design Show


Among all of the many products presented at the Architectural Digest Design Show, I have ferreted through the aisles to unearth 5  great discoveries perfect for the artsy interior.  All of my finds value the artisanal traditions of decorative arts and cultural history.  Have a look.

1.  Rachel Horn

Coffee table by Rachel Horn

Coffee table by Rachel Horn

Rachel Horn debuted her Liston line of coffee tables, side tables, lighting, and accessories  at the 2017 Architectural Digest Design Show.   As much art as furniture, master ironsmiths make each piece in steel and finish them in bronze or gold leaf.  Very whimsically,  a little girl running in the wind twirling a ribbon inspired the sculptural base of the coffee table.

2. Eskayel


At this year's Architectural Digest Design Show, Eskayel introduced a gorgeous line of silk rugs that started life as paintings.  At Eskayel, nature, specifically the colors of the ocean and the sunset are a huge influence.   In addition, water is critical to the creative process.   The  paintings are made with aqueous inks and then typically soaked in water to allow the colors to bleed and blend.  Eskayel's gorgeous new rugs reflect this process and are like art for your floor.

3. Artistic Tile

New Tile from Artistic Tile

New Tile from Artistic Tile

Tiles inspired by Thoreau's Walden and The Great Gatsby?  Sign me up.  Artistic Tile presented new tiles influenced by the Grand Tour, great literary works, the Chinese culture and Art Deco at the AD Design Show.  They will add romance wherever you install them!

3. Coral & Tusk


All of  Coral & Tusk's embroidered designs begin with an original pencil drawing.  Next, artist Stephanie Housley translates her illustration into a hand drawn embroidery pattern stitch by stitch using special software.  The designs are later machine embroidered but they retain their hand drawn charm.   It is a highly successful combination of new technology and old world craft.  Coral & Tusk's new Desert Collection is utterly charming.

5. Classic Rug Collection

Rugs based on Gee's Bend quilts from Classic Rug Collection

Rugs based on Gee's Bend quilts from Classic Rug Collection

Classic Rug Collection has partnered with the African American women of Gee's Bend to turn their acclaimed hand sewn quilts into rugs.  Made in India in colors and patterns true to the quilts that inspired them, the rugs are offered as flat weaves, hand knotted and hand tufted.  They can be ordered in custom sizes.

Which product is your favorite?  And if you went to the Architectural Digest Design Show did you see something else you would like to share?

Tiles and chair shot by Lynn Byrne for Decor Arts Now.  All other photos from the vendors covered in the post.