My Cup Runneth Over!

cup runneth over

cup runneth over

big ben

big ben

I can't remember a busier September!! I am popping in very quickly before I leave for the airport to clue you in. First, after a brief pit stop to visit one of my sons at college, I am headed to fabulous London-town for the always incredible London Design Festival.

There is even a detour excursion antiquing in the country guided by the incomparable Toma Haines, aka The Antiques Diva.  Follow my adventures on Instagram. I will tag them #Designhounds.

Second: Today is the very last day to VOTE FOR ME in the prestigious Amara Living Blog Awards.  If you haven't yet voted, please consider clicking over to vote right now.  Much gratitude.

Third: I am well aware that it has been radio silence here on Decor Arts Now. Simply TOO MUCH GOING ON, to peacefully write at my desk.  If you need a Lynn fix (and I hope you do), I am over at DXV's Decade 15 Magazine doing my best to make you feel like summer again.   Please visit.

Fourth:  I have so much great stuff coming soon to a website near you (upon my return from London).  Of course, I will remind you when these posts go live because most of them are on other websites,  but here is the exciting line-up:

  • My juicy interview with acclaimed shoe designer Paul Andrews, behind the scenes of his New York Fashion Week Presentation. And yes, there is a decorative arts tie-in. He is a guy after my own heart. Did you see my Instatakeover of @stylelibraryusa sharing my #nyfw experience?

  • You know I cook for fun, right? I will be bringing you 5 soup recipes that take less than an hour. One pot meals that will warm you up on a chilly fall night.

  • I have found the last company making lace the old fashioned way--it's fascinating and the pictures are so evocative. Can't wait to share this.

  • Several posts on the London Design Festival trends, top new products, etc., right here, there and seems like everywhere :-)

  • And, I am hoping for a #topsecret preview and chat with the designer of one of High Point Market's hottest furniture introductions. Fingers crossed on this one and that will come to Decor Arts Now.

Finally,  I do hope you have heard that I have been selected as a top blogger with nine other great ladies to participate in the #designbloggerstour of Fall High Point Market. I will be at Market 10/16-10/20.

Can it get any busier?

I don't think so.

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