Mora Clock

Swedish Mora Clock

Swedish Mora Clock

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What is a Mora clock?

MORA CLOCK:   a Swedish tall case clock known for its sexy hourglass shape and typical rich patina.



The Mora clock  is named after the town in central Sweden where it was made in the 18th and 19th centuries.  It often shares  the pale grey, whites and blues of other  Scandinavian furniture, colors chosen because they reflect candlelight light well during the long Swedish evenings.  Some Mora clocks, however, are painted with folk art designs, called “kurbits.”


Today, any tall case Swedish clock having an hourglass form is called a Mora clock, even later reproductions.

So why did the people of the town of Mora turn to clockmaking?

When the rural community of Mora was hit hard in the 1700s by bad harvests, its people had to find a way to survive.   Other Scandinavian communities were making clocks after a Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens (cribbing from Galileo’s sketches), developed the pendulum clock  in 1656.  The people from Mora decided to follow their example.  Soon a cottage industry developed where each family in the town of Mora made a different clock part, such as the pendulums, the faces, the brass mechanics, etc.  Sometimes the parts where shipped to a buyer who had the case made locally, which explains the variety in case shapes.

What to look for if you want a good antique.

The very best antique Mora clocks bear the initials AAS on the face.  The initials  stand for the first Mora clockmaker, Krang Anders Andersson.  His oldest known clock dates to 1792.  Of course, as is common, there have been forgeries, so it is important to check for other documentary evidence of Andersson’s work.

Mora clock bearing the initials AAS

Mora clock bearing the initials AAS

If you want a Mora clock for yourself, the largest selection is found in the United Kingdom at a firm known as Swedish Interior Design.  Mora Clock UK also provides ample information on collecting the clocks.


Love this elegant vignette pairing a Mora clock, large clock face and a cabriole settee with caning.


Photo credits:  Blue Mora clock via salvaged grace.  Mora clock painted with folk art designs. Mora clock with AAS from 1st dibs.  Image with clock and settee from velvet and linen.  Last image from the french tangerine.