LET'S GO: Maison & Objet

maison et objet logo- Version 2

maison et objet logo- Version 2

UPDATE: I want to thank Maison & Objet for selecting me to attend the show in January 2016. Unfortunately due to an unexpected family matter I was unable to attend.  Read on, however, for some great sneak peeks of  Maison & Objet.

With all the craziness going on in the world today, some people might be afraid to travel.  Not me. 

Well, maybe a little afraid, but I am not going to let that stop me.  That would be just what the bad guys want.  I have a full travel schedule for February 2016, kicking off with a business trip to Frankfurt for the Ambiente fair, followed by a pleasure journey to Marrakech.

I also dream of going to Paris.  Of course, I do.  Dedicated readers know that I have long wished to attend the the world-renowned home furnishings show Maison & Objet, scheduled for January 22-26.  A couple of years back I was asked to participate in a contest to attend the show for Grange furniture, but, boo hoo, I didn't win.  I now have been asked to submit a blog post explaining my desire to attend Maison & Objet for another possible chance to go.

Does wanting to go to Maison & Objet require an explanation?  Hardly, especially for a design nerd like me.

There are 8 massive halls filled with home goods to discover.  I took a peek at the featured exhibitors on their website and the vendors are  from  over the world--Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia and Belgium to name just a few.  Attending the show is like traveling the world in 4 days to see the best it has to offer in all things home like furnishings, lighting, home accessories and gifts. I expect it to be extra special this year, the show's 20th anniversary.

Scenes from Maison et Objet last September

Scenes from Maison et Objet last September

I already have found  5  "new to me" products  on the Maison & Objet website that I would like to see in person. 

maison et objet lace table Collage

maison et objet lace table Collage

  1. Fish Design Market based in Italy handcrafts beautiful side tables out of gold, silver and copper with a delicate lace pattern for the tabletop.

  2. I am intrigued. Labeled "Birds of Paradise" this lovely nature-inspired form is available from M. Wilhelm MUELLER Creativ Light , a lighting company in Germany. There is no other description. I am guessing it is a sconce, and I can see a pair making a statement in a room, but first hand inspection is required to learn more!

  3. The "Mrs. Cherry Hope" collection of cushion covers and rug by Sweden's Linum AB is described as a Swedish take on Art Nouveau (look up the period in my "Design Dictionary" column). I want to take a closer look.

  4. The bright hues of these colorful rugs simply make me smile. Offered by Thotmea based in France, they are made of plastic. Perfect for any high traffic area.

  5. Originally designed in 1951 by Switzerland's Gian Franco Legler ( a good candidate for my "Designer Who's Who" column) for a restaurant in Italy, the " basket chair" offered by Australian firm Feel Good Design feels fresh as ever, proving the enduring quality of good design.

I have been at this blog writing thing for a long time--since late 2009.  In the past couple of years, I have expanded my universe by producing shelter content for a variety of other websites too.  While writing is a solitary pursuit,  it's attending attending design events like the London Design Festival, High Point Market here in the US,  Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt and hopefully Maison & Objet in Paris, that truly energize me and allow my fingers to fly over the keyboard.

I thank you, my readers, for turning to me to report on trends and new products, trusting my eye with its "artsy" bent. Fingers crossed that I can soon be your guide in Paris.

And one more thing, let's forget about design for a second.   I so dearly want to support Maison & Objet, Paris and France in conducting their regular pursuits--especially now.

All photos from the Maison & Objet website.