How To Get the Look of Fortuny Affordably


Love Fortuny but can’t afford it?  This homeowner used cost-effective paint to achieve the look by creating a stencil based on a Fortuny drawing.  I think the look is right on target with the whole maximalist design trend.  To me, this room feels much like the spreads in the uber chic print magazine, Cabana.

Using the fabled fabric on the walls has wonderful precedence.

Here, Fortuny fabric wraps the columns in the Church of Sant’ Eufemia on the Venetian island of Guidecca from Christmas to Easter. I just missed this sight the last time I visited Venice!


While I would adore a room wrapped this way , it must cost a fortune.


Using Paint to Achieve the Look

Few of us could afford the yardage cost to upholster our walls in Fortuny. That’s why I love the stencil idea.  With a little digging, I found a company  that offers a ready-made stencil that mimics their damask.


Inspiration From the Fortuny Showroom

Want something a bit more custom, like the walls in the first photo?

Why not create  your own stencil?     For inspiration, study some actual Fortuny fabrics.

Have a look at the sumptuous textiles  I shot when I visited their showroom in Venice last spring with the Designhounds.  (I also had  a peek at their secret garden.)  Our young Italian tour guide was so cute!


Inspiration From Valentino

Need more inspiration?  How about this glorious match-up with  Valentino gowns.  I simply can’t resist the intersection of couture and interior design.


Ready to try it?  For more ideas, search the hashtag #cabanamood  and @homes_antiques on Instagram.

Photo credits: First image from Homes and Antiques magazine by Stefano Scata. Ready-made stencil photos from Royal Design Studio   Fashion from the Fortuny website.  Showroom photos by Lynn Byrne.  Photographs of the rooms with upholstered walls from Brian Coleman’s  must have book: