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What is gauffrage?

GAUFFRAGE (“go frazh”): to emboss. As the term relates to textiles, it means to add permanent pattern by embossing a plain textile with a hot pressure cylinder. The heat melts the pattern into the textile. Originally a French technique, it is often seen with velvets, but all manner of textiles can be used. 

An embossing cylinder

An embossing cylinder


Modern Examples

Gauffrage  is not limited to an “old world” look.  Check out these more contemporary interpretations.  I adore the dots!  How about that crocodile velvet on the lucite chair?  What do you think?


And did you notice that bouillotte lamp on the table……


Photo credits:  chairs,  cylinder,  settee,   fabric with settee is by Ralph Lauren. Lucite chair with  velvet  mohair on Art Deco bench  Spoon back chairs

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