7 Top Takeaways from Martha Stewart's Keynote at Alt Summit

Martha Stewart being interviewed by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom. Photo by Brooke Dennis

Martha Stewart being interviewed by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom. Photo by Brooke Dennis

Martha Stewart's keynote interview at Alt Summit with Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom did not disappoint.

Here are my 7 top takeaways:

1. Numero uno is a REAL. BIG. DEAL.   When it comes to using others' images on the internet,  Martha described  the web as "the wild west," but said "it was too late" to impose copyright rules on image use now.  She added that "we have let it happen."  "Photographers might not like it," she said, but in her opinion widespread image use is too ingrained now as common practice to be regulated. 

2. According to Martha,  designers should be paid the same as business folk.  She strives to do that in her own businesses.  Not a compete surprise, yet it is nice to know that Martha puts her money where her mouth is.

3. When commenting on a favorite tree, the beechwood, Martha took pains to say it wasn't a "bitchwood" tree, poking fun at herself!!  She really did y'all.  Martha has a sense of humor. (Who knew?)

4. On blogging, Martha takes most of her own pictures.  Props to Martha, as we know darn well that she has some awesome photographers on speed dial.  Her sister writes the blog.  Fire up that camera peeps, cause if Martha can do it, so can you.   Martha added later that the companies she partners with are "obsessed with blogs" and follow them diligently. 

5. On branding and goal setting, Martha cautioned that you must consider and protect your brand with every step you take.  Consistency is key.  As for goals, she is re-evaluates "by the second" and is "constantly evolving."

6. Martha says she "loves invention" and advises early adoption of new apps and platforms.

7.  Upon gazing out into the crowd, Martha saw the number of pregnant attendees and young mothers with babies in tow and exclaimed loudly "I love babies!"   When asked how to balance children and work, Martha acknowledged that "it is really hard", but advised the young moms in the crowd to "rely on their mothers who know more than you think!"   Like many others, for Martha, being a grandmother is apparently totes awesome!

I hope you feel  a bit like you were  in the room!  xx, Lynn

Photos via Alt Summit